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Comprehensive Insurance Services

Peace of mind Forwarding

Fritz Logistics and Forwarding take care of your peace of mind in every way, whether it’s shipping by sea, Forwarding by air, or even overland transportation. As part of the services provided to our customers, we offer cargo insurance services through F.R.G. Insurance Company.

F.R.G. is a joint venture between Fritz Logistics and Forwarding and Ramon-Granit, providing sea and air cargo insurance services since 1988. The company represents top-tier insurers, including Lloyd’s, allowing it to insure high-value cargoes and provide its customers with world-class service and swift claims handling.

Types of insurance available from F.R.G

Air, sea, and land shipping insurance Container insurance Inland transit insurance Hauliers’ insurance Hull and machinery insurance Third-party liability insurance

By offering comprehensive insurance services, we ensure that your shipments are protected throughout the entire Forwarding process, providing you with added security and confidence in your logistics operations.