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Fritz & FedEx

International Freight Forwarding
A strong partnership. For your benefit!
Air, sea and ground transportation services
Online tracking of shipments in real time
An innovative array For purchase orders and suppliers
Customs brokerage and trade consulting services

Innovation in the field of storage and distribution

As businesses grapple with warehousing and distribution challenges, our partnership with FedEx Logistics comes as a breath of fresh air. The alliance brings unprecedented storage solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our strategically located distribution centers allow us to efficiently manage inventory and ensure on-time delivery, even during peak seasons.

Expertise in the fields of customs – for cross-border part operation

Navigating customs regulations is often a daunting task for businesses engaged in international trade. However, our partnership with FedEx Logistics has given us access to a team of customs experts with in-depth knowledge of global trade regulations. Together with Fritz’s existing professional customs clearance team, this ensures smooth cross-border operations, reducing the risk of delays or compliance issues.

End-to-end supply chain management

From raw material sourcing to final product delivery, our partnership prides itself on offering end-to-end supply chain management solutions. Our integrated approach enables us to optimize supply chains, improve cost efficiency and improve overall business performance. With our experienced teams overseeing procurement and supplier management, our clients can focus on core business operations with confidence.

Sustainability: a shared commitment

Beyond efficiency and innovation, FeDeX Logistics & Fritz share a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Recognizing the impact of logistics and shipping on the planet, we invest in environmentally friendly initiatives, promoting greener transportation methods and reducing our carbon footprint.

Looking ahead: a promising future

The partnership between Fritz and FedEx Logistics symbolizes a powerful alliance combining unparalleled shipping solutions, innovation, efficiency and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in the ever-changing global marketplace, we are poised to create a future where logistics barriers are broken, and seamless shipping solutions are a reality.