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With great power comes great responsibility

The Fritz company holds a fundamental responsibility towards protecting the environment, together with contribution to the community.

Sustainability - Green Supply Chain

As a company operating in the field of international forwarding, we are aware of the ecological footprint, derived as a result of our operations. In order to address this issue, we have developed a “green vision”, focused on comprehensive environmental management, including: environmentally focused procedures, annual monitoring and measurement surveys regarding paper, energy, water and waste. In addition, we have assembled a designated team of departmental environmental trustees and hold company–wide training on environmental issues throughout the year.   Fritz is the first company in the international forwarding field to adopt the Green Standard (14001). In 2008, Fritz was certified with the Green Standard (14001) by the Institute for Control and Quality. Following this, the company‘s logistic centers were also documented. For us at Fritz, true leadership is demonstrated not only in business and professional context, but also in the environmental sphere.   Our goal is to create a standard that will influence and bind additional companies in our field, paving the way to a broad change throughout the entire industry.

Contributing to the Community

At Fritz, we regard ourselves as an essential and inseparable part of the community in which it operates. Our company managers regularly participate in training on ethical and social issues in the business world, including community involvement as a vital part of our annual work plan. We hold monthly community-focused activities in a variety of fields, such as: employee volunteering, financial donations to non–profit organizations, blood donation campaigns among company employees and hosting fairs for the benefit of various associations.   As part of our social responsibility, we are currently finalizing the Social Responsibility Standard SI 10,000, which centers on how the organization implements social, environmental, economic and ethical considerations, on the path to achieving long term success and beneficial co-existence.   Among our ongoing activities for the community are: employment of individuals with special needs at our logistics centers, volunteering at hospitals, collecting and assembling food packages donated  to the needy, helping and assisting needy youth in their studies, annual donations to non–profit organizations and social organizations