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Air Freight

Air Freight

Air Freight is at the heart of Fritz’s operations and specialization. Fritz was established 33 years ago, and over time has succeeded in reaching a wide global presence, shipping to every corner of the world, through its longstanding partnership with the international shipping giant FedEx Logistics. Fritz is proud to have a professional and experienced team, with extensive experience in all aspects of shipping and customs operations. Personal and professional service is available 24/7 for import, export, customs clearance, complex projects and express shipments, including a drop shipment 24/7 shipment tracking.   (Link to the Criticalog website as an additional page) 

Air Freight - Import

Fritz employs a professional and experienced team who are at your service 24/7 for all aspects of shipping and customs operations. We have agreements with all the airline companies, including a valuable partnership with FedEx Logistics. We have the capability and expertise to consolidate shipments from anywhere in the world.

Collaboration with airline companies

We have successfully established solid partnerships with major international airlines. As a result, Fritz Logistics and Shipping Ltd. can provide competitive rates and preferred handling for shipments. This collaboration ensures that cargo is sent smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the destination.

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