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Customs Clearance Services

Customs Clearance Services

Fritz Logistics and Forwarding, with over 30 years of experience in the field of customs clearance, holds a customs clearance license and extensive expertise in classification and customs release. We have a significant advantage in consulting and guiding customs clearance processes, handling exceptional requirements, and representing our clients before institutions and government authorities. Our customs clearance team specialize in the international transfer of valuable goods, including highly sensitive items, and provide assistance to importers during these processes. Fritz Logistics and Forwarding operates in accordance with trade laws, agreements, and international trade practices in the local and international markets.

Solutions and Customs Clearance Services

As part of our forwarding services, Fritz Logistics and Forwarding provide customers with customs clearance services, including:
  • Pre-shipment feasibility tests and consultation
  • Handling import/export licensing
  • Professional customs clearance advice at all stages
  • Calculation of future expenses in shipping and customs clearance
  • Preparation of well-organized customs clearance files for process efficiency
  • Assistance in obtaining approvals from various government institutions
By utilizing our customs clearance services, customers can ensure smooth and efficient clearance of their goods, compliance with regulations, and expert guidance throughout the customs clearance process.