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Fritz Logistics & Forwarding

Or Yehuda Head Office – Or Yehuda – Haharoshet 32st. , Or Yehuda  

Ben Gurion Airport branch – Beit Maman, room 403  

Ashdod branch – Haboshem 3, Ashdod  

Haifa branch – haatzmaut 82, Haifa  

Critical Services Branch (Critilog) – Rabbi Eliezer Ben Horkanos 5, Lod  

Logistics Centers  

Logistic Center – Odem – Haodem 6, Kiryat Gat  

Logistic Center – Izmergad – 13 Izmergad, Kiryat Gat  

Logistic Center – HaRokam – HaRokam 1, Caesarea

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