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Fritz operates four logistics centers covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters in Caesarea and Kiryat Gat and close to main traffic routes. The storage services and the advanced services operate in various models and are adapted to meet various storage and management standards.

Stories from the field

Stories from the field

A pharmaceutical importer I spoke with this week told me, “In the era of COVID-19, those who are smart enough to transition from fixed expenses to variable expenses will succeed.”
Transition from Fixed Expenses to Variable Expenses in Times of Crisis
Anyone involved in the supply chain world knows the daily routine that follows – dozens of emails with purchase orders, customs clearance, and accumulated paperwork in the inbox.
7 Features for Effective Time Management in Orders and Deliveries
E-commerce store owners and importers are well aware of the challenges of the end-of-year sales carnival, especially regarding logistics, shipping, inventory management, and bureaucracy.
The Logistics Challenges in the E-commerce World
Ray hears a mysterious voice in the field saying, “If you build it, he will come.” He doesn’t understand what the voice wants from him, and the environment begins to question his sanity until he realizes that his destiny in life is to build a baseball field.
Shipping Models and Spare Parts When Using a 3D Printer
Elon Musk doesn’t stop at developing and producing electric cars and clean energy. announced on the most fascinating idea imaginable: connecting a chip to the brain
Elon Musk connects you to the smartphone!
Plato argued that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and although this famous quote is over 2,300 years old, it seems as relevant today as ever.
Automatic Multi-Shuttles: Much More Than Storage Technology
One of the biggest challenges in the process of digitization is integrating the workflows of the old world. Printed and offline documents, phone orders, and cumbersome bureaucracy deeply rooted in the organizational culture.
Analog World = A World that is Fading Away
Applications like Uber and Gett have contributed to the gradual disappearance of taxi stands from the map, Airbnb has disrupted hotels, and food delivery apps like Wolt (currently operating in Tel Aviv) have significantly reduced waiting times.
“Are you available to pick up from Alenby?” Uber logistics services
With nearly 30 titles in 12 years of coaching and success rates of over 70%, it is hard to argue that Pep Guardiola is the greatest coach of our generation and one of the greatest of all time.
Pep Guardiola, the coach of the world supply chain
In an interview with Stuart Madnick, an information security expert from MIT, he noted that most companies perceive cybersecurity defense in the supply chain as something that should only prevent malicious actors from infiltrating their systems.
Cybersecurity Defense for the Supply Chain

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Stories from the field