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Ethics are essential on the path to success 

Fritz’s ‘code of ethics’ is our code of business conduct. This code defines a moral framework and describes the way in which we choose to handle ethically sensitive situations, which we all encounter in our daily testimony.

The ethical code was written in light of the core values of the Fritz company


Respect & Trust – An organizational culture based on trust and respect for every single person, regardless of their personal background or social status.   

Passion & Dedication to the success of our customers – We are a service providing company. As such, we have a genuine passion and dedication to the success of our customers and operate with an “always yes” approach
Teamwork that produces results –  We cooperate with each other effectively and are always looking for the most efficient way to serve our customers
Achievement & Contribution  – We strive for excellence in all our fields of practice. Everyone’s contribution is critical to our success 

Uncompromising integrity  – We believe that as a company and as individuals we must conduct ourselves in a moral manner, when in contact with employees, colleagues, suppliers and customers. At the same time, we should constantly and uncompromisingly strive for fairness, transparency and humanity, while setting a personal example in an inspiring way.

Courage –  We make brave decisions so that we may grow and position ourselves as market leaders 
Creativity – We produce unconventional solutions in order to exceed our customers’ expectations


When we incorporate Fritz’s core values in all our actions, we unite around our common goals. The code of ethics helps us apply our core values ​​in the everyday situations that come our way. These core values ​​define us and the essence of our company, but it is our actions and the choices we make that give them meaning. The principles of the code apply to all Fritz’s employees and we invite our business partners to also take part in our values as reflected in this document.