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On Site Logistics

Fritz's On-Site Services

The On-Site services provided by Fritz Logistics and Forwarding are among the leading providers of tailored logistics management services, operated within the customer’s own premises. These logistics services allow companies to continue focusing on their core activities while entrusting the logistics responsibilities to reliable and professional hands with the assistance of a skilled logistics team that brings the professional knowledge of Fritz. Fritz employees become part of the relevant organization (in an outsourced format) and lead it towards more efficient work processes. They bring organizational knowledge and extensive logistics experience, resulting in cost savings and process optimization due to their long years of experience. When it comes to logistics personnel, Fritz brings you the best in their field. We provide experienced employees with extensive knowledge and a team-oriented approach committed to your success.

Tailoring the Logistics Team to Your Company's Needs

Logistics is a developing field that requires extensive knowledge. Thanks to our many years of experience at Fritz, we are capable of staffing roles with specific and professional familiarity in each area and field, and adapting the team to the relevant company, taking into account its language and organizational dynamics. Throughout the entire service period, Fritz emphasizes conducting professional training and development programs to meet the employees’ needs, ensuring the preservation of expertise and the satisfaction of both employees and the company’s management. Many Fritz employees hold key positions in leading companies: inventory planners, supply chain front-end or manufacturing, procurement, industrial and management engineers, planners, and more. If you are also facing difficulties in your logistics departments, feel free to approach us, and we will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Warehouses managed by Fritz teams