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Soap" had to clear products from 36 branches

Inventory management and storage are challenging tasks for businesses, especially during times of crisis. It requires numerous coordination efforts, taking risks, significant financial investments, and a lot of manpower. In short, it’s a significant headache. Often, it seems that any internal attempt to streamline these processes is destined to fail. What can you do? Not all of us are logistics experts.

“Soap” is a well-known and beloved brand for quality soap products. The company manufactures and markets its products in 36 branches nationwide, 220 branches worldwide, and a successful online platform. Soap sells over 18 million products annually and has a logistics system that includes 4 trucks for dry transportation and 8 large containers that are shipped overseas every week. For a long period, Soap concentrated its logistics efforts in the central region and then expanded to large warehouses in Kiryat Gat, where it centralizes all its inventory. With the brand’s internal growth, it became challenging for them to independently store all the required inventory.

“To our delight, we grew at a much faster pace than we expected and imagined for ourselves,” says Mor from China, the logistics manager of Soap’s logistic center. “We have a logistics center with an area of about 5,000 square meters that operates at full capacity, but it simply couldn’t keep up with the pace. But you can’t stop life. Orders continued to come in and even at a growing pace. There were trucks at the port that needed to be unloaded, and the merchandise had to be moved to stores, not to mention online orders. As someone who believes in logistics, I had to find a solution. We needed help.”

The solution came symbolically from the neighbors in Kiryat Gat. “We realized that we needed an external warehousing solution that would allow Soap more flexibility and the ability to commit to a large inventory that meets market demands,” explains Mor. Just across the street were the neighbors of Soap in Kiryat Gat, the Fritz company, one of the largest logistics and supply chain companies in the country. “Exactly what we were looking for,” Mor smiles. “Professional storage and inventory management services according to our needs, quantities, and required space.” The companies had previously maintained limited collaboration, and Soap remembered the neighbors, so communication was simple and more convenient.

At Fritz, they know that the challenge in the logistics field is to be different and provide a holistic, complete, and high-quality solution to the customer. There are many logistics companies, but in order to provide the most effective response, creative solutions need to be built, and that is the relative advantage that Fritz knows how to present. Warehouses are not a standalone solution; behind thousands of square meters for storage and inventory management, human resources and a quality team with advanced systems are needed, a team that will give Soap and other customers peace of mind within the chaos of inventory so they can continue to do what they do best.

Fritz currently provides Soap with a complete logistics support system, including storage space according to needs, incoming goods picking, receiving at the Kiryat Gat branch, and up-to-date inventory counting. “Our added value is full transparency of the systems. At any given moment, my customers can access the Servitz system through their mobile phones or computers and view inventory from the moment it is received, perform inventory management and control, place orders, generate reports on demand, and receive real-time status updates,” explains Shlomit Asraf-Gidish, the customer portfolio manager of Soap at Fritz. “There is no waiting time for goods reception. As soon as the goods arrive, they are immediately registered in the service systems.”

Business owners know how difficult it is to deal with unplanned events; in the military, they call it “battlefield management.” Can you even prepare for the unplanned according to current market demands? “We believe you can, and we prove it in practice,” adds Shlomit. During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, Soap had to clear their 36 branches of the inventory on their shelves. Who would have thought that one day the entire economy and stores and networks would be closed, and they would have to remove all the products and inventory from the stores? “It was a chaotic scenario; I think every logistics manager would agree,” explains Mor, the Kiryat Gat branch manager of Soap.

“It’s not something you prepare for, expect, or have a solution for on hand. But Fritz knew how to provide us with a professional response in these challenging circumstances, both in terms of picking products and transportation and in terms of storage.” Companies can manage complete systems excellently, but they can fail in one area that affects the entire company. Field experience teaches that many businesses are looking for comprehensive solutions for their business – an external company
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