Anywhere you need, just as you need it

Special shipments for exhibitions and national projects have a common denominator: zero room for error. The meticulous steps, working with multiple interfaces and perfect timing make them complex projects.

When the window of opportunity is limited - Fritz provides tightly controlled service at the highest level, as well as a solution anywhere around the globe through the FedEx Trade Networks.

Our special projects' department works 24/7 in order to meet shipping tasks, with great success. We are the most professional and longstanding company in Israel, with the experience of thousands of projects and special shipments over the years.

Special forwarding projects around the world

Special shipments, including very large volume projects that need to be unloaded within a given time window by providing the order of assembly; Third party shipments; Sensitive security shipments, establishment of factories and the dispatch of hazardous materials.

Customers who use our special transfer services receive a comprehensive escort package from Fritz's professional team: account managers, shipping experts and special cargo handling agents, special licensing arrangements, insurance and close treatment in the country of destination.

Forwarding for infrastructure projects in Israel

Fritz specializes in management of shipping and logistics for infrastructure projects in Israel, such as the construction of power stations, hospitals, cellular farms, solar energy facilities, transportation projects and more. In these projects, characterized by shipping, storage and transportation of exceptional size parts and unique conditions, Fritz deals with all logistics from end to end and serves as a single and professional supplier in every aspect. In addition, Fritz has special approval for the rapid release of the cargo special project from customs.