Maximum value where it's needed most

At the end of the day, it all comes down to a precise clockwork production line.

Therefore, we at Fritz offer production line logistics services that ensure that it becomes an integral part of an efficient, accurate and timely supply chain. Production line logistics services guarantee available raw materials in your warehouses, according to the grade and type needed on the production line. You are also assured that all operational matters with Fritz are managed in a fluid and transparent manner.

Our professional who works for you – "On Site"

In production line logistics, a Fritz professional works at your premises and is committed to you. He is familiar with your production activities as well as with future production expectations. He knows what you need in terms of inventories to achieve 100% production 100% of the time. As an integral part of Fritz, he also knows how to ensure timely and measured delivery from our logistic warehouses.

The result is an employee who knows how to stretch Fritz's logistical knowledge and operational efficiency all the way to your production line.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Planning and timing the material for the production line.
  • Transfer of material to production positions.
  • Receiving the material and preparing it for the production lines.
  • Removal of packaging and disposal of invalid, rejected or unnecessary material.
  • Managing shortages.
  • Inventory management of "Min-Max" and "Kanban" production line methods.