A professional who works by you, without being employed by you.

With Fritz's on-site services, your organization enjoys operational flexibility. Fritz employees in your organization streamline work processes, contribute to your organizational knowledge and enable substantial financial savings thanks to years of experience.

When it comes to forwarding and logistics workers, Fritz brings you the best in their field. Experienced employees and team players committed to your success. Shipping and logistics are dynamic areas that require extensive knowledge. For this purpose, Fritz provides you with employees who have specific knowledge of the field, and can quickly adapt to your organizational language and dynamics. Throughout the entire service cycle, Fritz makes sure to carry out professional training and to take care of its employee's needs, in order to maintain the level of expertise and satisfaction.

Hundreds of Fritz employees have key positions in leading companies: import, manufacturing and special projects' coordinators, inventory planners, supply or VS production (Vendor scheduling), buyers, industry and management engineers, planners and many others.