Shipping with a peace of mind

Fritz provides its customers with insurance services through F.R.G - a joint partnership with Ramon-Granite Insurance Group, who represent top-tier insurers in Israel and around the world, since 1976.

Ramon-Granite is a dominant company in solutions for air, sea and land shipping insurance, and acts as an independent underwriter that is not obligated to any insurance company. This advantage guarantees customers receive the maximum insurance coverage at attractive costs.

Insurance services include:

  • Air, ocean and land transport insurance.
  • Container insurance.
  • Transfers insurance within the state.
  • Land transport insurance.
  • Ship charter insurance.
  • Insurance of ship and third party liability.

Our advantages:

  • Policies are not subject to terms of purchase and sale of the insured goods.
  • Claims are included in the insurance without added premium.
  • Flexibility of the exception formula, which deals with packaging and / or poor container conditions.
  • Wide coverage for used and / or returned goods.
  • Storage in intermediate warehouses in Israel and abroad - when the insurance cover continues and will end when unloading operations are finished at final destination.
  • 60 days damage detection period.
  • Additional expenses for covered damage such as overtime and air freight expenses, even if the cargo is shipped by sea, up to a total of $50,000.