Storage, inventory and added value services

Our storage, inventory, and value added services are designed to allow you to operate flexibly and save time and enterprise resources that do not match your core activity.

Fritz operates four logistics centers covering an area of 40,000 sqm., in Caesarea and Kiryat Gat, adjacent to main traffic arteries. Our storage and advanced services operate in a variety of models and are adapted to meet diverse storage and management standards.

An advanced inventory and Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers you numerous benefits, including multiple segment reports, optimizing inventory and costs and mechanisms to improve decision-making.

Fritz does its best to offer you operational flexibility and peace of mind, with all your administrative and operational matters managed in good hands.

Advanced logistics - value added inventory management services

Temperature controlled storage of hazardous materials | Emptying and loading of containers | Supervision and reception | Collection and assembly | Packaging and handling | Handling returns | Destroying | Refreshing | Inventory

Advanced logistics - value added services

Special packaging construction | Building kits | Building Packages | Conversion Items Labeling / Welding | Attaching stickers